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Crystal Chainani

Aspiring Journalist

About Me

About Me

I'm currently a junior at Pepperdine University where I major in journalism. 

Struggling with reading at a young age, my father started having me read various newspapers every day in hopes of me developing better comprehension skills. Little did he know I would start growing a love for print media and aspire to have my own articles published one day. 

In high school, I became the editor of my school paper Of Paws and Pens. My passion for writing print persisted which lead me to major in journalism at Pepperdine University. 

Since my time at Pepperdine, I have been a part of Newswave, a media platform that covers all news in Malibu and surrounding areas. I have also done reporting for the Malibu City Council meetings. 

I look forward to seeing where my future journalism career takes me in pursuit of making media literacy great again! 

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